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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we have been asked over the years.

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Are 2 inch wells illegal?
Yes and no. An existing 2 inch well that is in a pit, is not illegal. However, when a home is sold or when a new 2 inch well is installed, it cannot be in a well pit. In both of these instances the well pump and tank must be above grade in accordance with current well construction code.
My 2 inch well is not producing water like it used to. Can I use muriatic acid to clean the screen?
No. Introducing acid to the well will not make it to the screen due to the bremmer check valve on top of the screen. It is also not a good idea to "shoot" any projectile down the well.
How often should my pump cycle?
It depends on the size of the tank. On average, once the pump shuts off you should be able to flush a toilet two to three times before it turns back on. It should take longer for larger tanks.
Why does my pump kick on every time I use water?
It is possible that the tank is water logged. This does not necessarily mean the tank is bad. It could just be that it has lost a majority of the air needed to do its job efficiently.
I noticed water standing in a puddle around my well. What should I do?
If this occurs, turn power off to the well and give us a call. Most likely the fitting at the well has rotted off and needs to be replaced.
My pump runs for no reason. What could be causing this to happen?
When there are no leaking faucets or a running toilet, then the problem is most likely in the well. It could be caused by a faulty check valve in the pump for submersible pumps or in the supply line on a jet pump. It could also be a rotted fitting somewhere in the system.
How long should a well last?
Most wells have an average life expectancy between 45 to 50 years with routine maintenance.