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Yearly Well Maintenance For Home Owners

  • Preventive maintenance can help your well system last longer and cost less.

  • Typically, an economy submersible pump will last 5-10 years, midgrade submersible pump lasts 10-15 years and a quality submersible pump can last 20+ years.

  • Usually, the lifespan of a pressure tank will be shortened due to incorrect air pressure. 99% of residential pressure tanks should have air pressure of 28-30 PSI.

  • Typically an economy pressure tank can last 5-7 years.

  • We normally install a better quality pressure tank that lasts 15-20 years on average.

Thompon Well Drilling - Pressure Tank Diagram
Pressure Tank Diagram

What does a pressure tank do?

Thompon Well Drilling - Pump Cycle Diagram
Pump Cycle Diagram
  • Protects against water hammer. Water hammer is a thump or hammer like noise that occurs when a pump comes on or off.

  • Minimizes pump cycling. This prevents frequent starts and stops, protecting pumps from damage.

  • Maintains a desired range of water pressure in the water system.

Instructions on how to properly maintenance your pressure tank

  1. Turn off Power to the well.
  2. Turn on all COLD water faucets in house.
  3. Wait until all water is done coming out of faucets.
  4. Leave faucets on until all steps are completed.
  5. Use a tire gauge on the air charging valve to check current air pressure.
  6. The air pressure should amount to 28-30 PSI (2 PSI below the cut in pressure). If not add or remove the proper amount of air.
  7. Turn off faucets and restore power to the well.