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Review of Thompson Well Drilling by Bradley Wilson

Bradley Wilson

Honesty, Integrity, and Speed. That's what you'll get from Ron at Thompson Well Drilling. Ron was friendly and very knowledgeable on the phone. He even tried to ask me about trying a few things so I could fix it quickly myself if it was an option. We just bought the house and I had limited tools with me so he said he would be over as soon as he could. I told him I would be leaving soon for a few days and may not be there. He even declined when I told him I could leave money on the counter for him if I wasn't there. He said I could pay him if and when he had to fix anything. Lo and behold he was there before I could even get out the door. After a quick diagnosis he believed he would have to run back to the shop to get a new pump. He told me it would probably run a bit over a grand. That's a good chunk of change but extremely fair and seeing as I had no options I was ready to pay for the new well pump and install. I had to leave before he came back and he told me he could leave an invoice on the counter or email it to me. To my delight he called and said when he pulled the pump there was a voltage mismatch between the pump and the house. He made a quick adjustment and called me with the good news. Better yet, the cost was DRASTICALLY lower than what I expected, barely more than what I expected to pay for the service call. I was ready to pay the full amount for the pump install and I wouldn't have known any different. Ron's honesty was greatly appreciated. In the future I won't call anyone else to service my well. Thanks again Ron!