We offer 2, 4, and 5 inch well repair and rehab

Our Services Include:

Thompon Well Drilling - Service Work
  • Well Drilling

  • Well Pump Installation

  • Water Conditioning

  • Pump Service

  • Geothermal Drilling

  • Residential and Commercial

  • State Certified to abandon Wells

  • Well Inspections

These are some of the more common repair and rehab services available at Thompson Well Drilling:

Thompon Well Drilling - Replace Pump Motor
  • Screen changes

  • Pump replacement - Typically speaking pumps should last 15 years

  • Water line breaks outside the home - Water puddling around the outside of the well casing or from the well to the house

  • Tank replacement - Pump cycles too often or new odor/smell noticed

  • Broken well casing - Wells damaged due to being hit

  • Converting a conventional system to a constant pressure system

  • Well chlorination/disinfection - For real estate transactions or failure of required testing by the state for businesses

  • Chemical treatment - This is performed on wells that are drawing down (air in system) or just not producing the volume of water they did when they were new

Want to fix it yourself?

  • "Do-it-yourselfers" are our best customers! That being said, most minor well repairs can be accomplished by any able-bodied home owner.

  • However, what could have been a small service call charge, could turn into a major repair bill, if the home owner breaks the system while trying repairs. Usually all that is needed is a simple adjustment to the system.

  • When a well is installed and serviced by a licensed driller, all of the components are set to work in harmony with one another.

  • Since all of the components are man-made, they will require maintenance over the course of their lifetime.